Top 10 Camping Destinations in Europe You Must Visit

Camping in Europe offers a combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and diverse experiences.

There are so many beautiful sites where you can have such an experience.

I want to enlist the best destinations you can visit on the old continent.

1. Norcenni Girasole, Tuscany, Italy

Norcenni Girasole Camping

Nestled in the heart of the Chianti region, Norcenni Girasole offers a quintessential Tuscan camping experience.

The campsite’s stunning location is surrounded by rolling hills, lush vineyards, and charming medieval towns. It’s a paradise for those who appreciate natural beauty and fine wine.

Norcenni Girasole provides a wide array of activities to suit all ages and interests.

For thrill-seekers, the tree-top adventure course offers a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful landscape, while diving lessons cater to water enthusiasts.

Wine lovers can indulge in wine tastings, exploring the rich flavors of Chianti’s famous wines. For those looking to unwind, the spa treatments provide a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.

The culinary options at Norcenni Girasole are equally impressive. Guests can enjoy traditional Tuscan dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

With its mix of activities, stunning scenery, and culinary delights, Norcenni Girasole is a top choice for campers seeking an unforgettable Italian escape.

2. Union Lido, Venetian Riviera, Italy

Union Lido Camping Site - Venetian Riviera

Union Lido, located on the Venetian Riviera, combines the allure of a beachfront location with the convenience of proximity to Venice.

The extensive campsite offers a plethora of activities and amenities, making it a favorite among families and adventure seekers alike.

The campsite’s extensive pool area is a major draw, featuring a variety of pools, water slides, and a lazy river.

Beach lovers can enjoy the pristine sandy shores just steps away from their accommodation.

The atmosphere of Union Lido is enhanced by the regular fireworks displays, adding a touch of magic to the evenings.

Union Lido also offers easy access to local village markets, where visitors can immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the Venetian region.

The markets are perfect for picking up local produce, handmade crafts, and souvenirs.

The campsite’s numerous dining options cater to all tastes, from casual beachside cafes to gourmet restaurants.

For those interested in exploring beyond the campsite, Venice is just a short trip away.

A visit to this iconic city allows campers to experience its historic canals, stunning architecture, and world-renowned art.

3. La Rive, Biscarrose, Landes, France

La Rive - Biscarrose, Landes

La Rive, located in Biscarrose, Landes, is a lakeside campsite that promises a blend of tranquility and excitement.

Set against the serene backdrop of a picturesque lake, La Rive is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts and families seeking a fun-filled holiday.

The campsite boasts a large pool complex, complete with multiple pools, water slides, and splash areas for children.

The lakeside setting provides ample opportunities for water-based activities, including kayaking, paddleboarding, and windsurfing.

For those who prefer dry land, La Rive offers a range of other activities such as tennis, mini-golf, and cycling. Evenings at La Rive are lively, with kids’ discos and nightly shows providing entertainment for all ages.

The on-site restaurants offer a taste of local cuisine, with fresh seafood and regional specialties on the menu.

The friendly atmosphere and well-maintained facilities ensure that every guest feels welcome and comfortable.

La Rive’s location in the Landes region also means that campers can easily explore the surrounding natural beauty.

The nearby Dune of Pilat, the tallest sand dune in Europe, offers breathtaking views and a unique hiking experience.

4. Camping Domaine du Clarys – Le Clarys Plage, Vendee, France

Camping Domaine du Clarys – Le Clarys Plage

Camping Domaine du Clarys – Le Clarys Plage is a family-friendly campsite located in the Vendee region of France. Its close proximity to the beach and extensive facilities make it a perfect destination for families seeking a fun and relaxing holiday.

The campsite features a heated pool complex with slides, splash parks, and swimming pools designed to cater to children and adults alike.

The nearby beach is easily accessible, offering a variety of water activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Beach volleyball

The gentle waves and sandy shores make it an ideal spot for families with young children. Adventure seekers can enjoy local activities such as zip-lining, archery, and horseback riding.

The campsite also organizes excursions to nearby attractions, including historical sites and charming French villages.

For those who prefer to stay on-site, there are plenty of entertainment options, from kids’ clubs to evening shows.

5. La Garangeoire, St Julien de Landes, Vendee, France

Camping La Garangeoire

La Garangeoire offers an authentic French camping experience, situated in the heart of the Vendee region.

This campsite is set within the grounds of a historic French chateau, providing a unique and charming backdrop for a memorable holiday.

The activities at La Garangeoire are diverse and cater to a wide range of interests. Nature lovers can explore the extensive grounds through orienteering and guided nature walks.

The campsite’s lake is perfect for fishing, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Horse-riding enthusiasts will appreciate the well-maintained stables and scenic riding trails.

For those seeking adventure, La Garangeoire offers archery, mini-golf, and a variety of sports courts.

The campsite’s swimming pools are heated, and the water slides and splash areas ensure fun for the whole family.

Evening entertainment includes live music, themed nights, and family-friendly shows.

6. Sportcamp Woferlgut, Zell am See, Austria

Sportcamp Woferlgut - Zell am See

Sportcamp Woferlgut, located in Zell am See, Austria, is an ideal campsite for active families and nature enthusiasts.

Located in the Austrian Alps, this campsite offers breathtaking mountain views and a wide range of outdoor activities.

Hiking is a major draw at Sportcamp Woferlgut, with numerous trails catering to all levels of fitness and experience.

Guided walks are available for those who want to learn more about the local flora and fauna.

Adventure seekers can enjoy canyoning, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

In winter, the campsite is conveniently located near popular ski resorts, making it a great choice for skiing and snowboarding holidays.

For a more relaxed experience, guests can take scenic cable car rides to enjoy panoramic views of the Alps.

7. Vilanova, Costa Dorada, Spain

Vilanova Park, situated on the Costa Dorada in Spain, offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Its close proximity to Barcelona and the stunning beaches of the Costa Dorada make it a popular destination for families and couples alike.

The campsite boasts an array of activities to keep guests entertained.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy soccer, tennis, and table tennis, while the fitness center and swimming pools cater to those looking to stay active.

The on-site mini-golf course and children’s playgrounds ensure that younger guests are well entertained.

Vilanova Park’s relaxing atmosphere is enhanced by its beautifully landscaped gardens and tranquil surroundings.

Guests can unwind at the wellness center, which offers a range of treatments, including massages and beauty therapies.

The nearby PortAventura theme park is a must-visit for families, offering a variety of thrilling rides and shows.

With its excellent facilities, diverse activities, and prime location, Vilanova Park is an ideal destination for a memorable camping holiday on the Costa Dorada.

8. Park Umag, Istria, Croatia

Camping Park Umag - Istria

Park Umag, located on the beautiful Istrian coastline of Croatia, offers a scenic seaside camping experience with extensive amenities.

This large campsite is perfect for families and couples looking to enjoy the Adriatic Sea’s crystal-clear waters and stunning views.

The campsite’s location provides ample opportunities for water sports, including:

  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling

The extensive pool complex, with its multiple pools and splash areas, ensures fun for all ages.

Cycling enthusiasts can explore the scenic bike trails that wind through the Istrian countryside, offering breathtaking views of the coastline.

Evening entertainment at Park Umag includes live music, themed parties, and cultural shows, providing a lively and engaging atmosphere.

The on-site restaurants serve a variety of dishes, from traditional Croatian cuisine to international favorites, ensuring that all tastes are catered for.

For those looking to explore beyond the campsite, the historic town of Umag is just a short distance away.

The nearby Brijuni National Park is also worth a visit, offering stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife.

9. Camping de la Cascade, Coo, Belgium

Camping De La Cascade in Belgium

Camping de la Cascade, located in Coo, Belgium, offers a peaceful riverside camping experience surrounded by natural beauty.

The campsite’s location along the river provides opportunities for water-based activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

The scenic trails around the campsite are ideal for trail running, hiking, and cycling, allowing guests to explore the picturesque Ardennes region.

Camping de la Cascade’s peaceful atmosphere is perfect for relaxation. The campsite’s facilities include a swimming pool, a playground for children, and a restaurant serving local Belgian cuisine.

The on-site bar offers a variety of Belgian beers, providing a true taste of the region.

For those interested in exploring the local area, the nearby Coo Waterfall is a must-visit attraction.

The Plopsa Coo amusement park, located near the waterfall, is a popular destination for families with young children.

The historic town of Stavelot, with its beautiful abbey and charming streets, is also worth exploring.

With its serene setting, diverse activities, and welcoming atmosphere, Camping de la Cascade is an excellent choice for a relaxing and enjoyable camping holiday in Belgium.

10. Tartaruga Camping, Zakynthos, Greece

Tartaruga Camping - Zakynthos

Tartaruga Camping, located on the beautiful island of Zakynthos in Greece, offers a coastal camping experience with stunning views of the Ionian Sea.

The campsite’s coastal location provides easy access to a variety of beach activities, including swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life make snorkeling a particularly popular activity.

For those looking to explore further, boat trips to the famous Navagio Beach and the Blue Caves are highly recommended.

Tartaruga Camping offers a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. The on-site restaurant serves delicious Greek cuisine, with fresh seafood and traditional dishes being the highlights.

The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make Tartaruga Camping an ideal destination for a tranquil holiday.

The nearby village of Limni Keriou offers a taste of local culture, with its charming streets, local shops, and traditional tavernas.

For those interested in marine conservation, the nearby National Marine Park of Zakynthos is home to the endangered loggerhead sea turtles and offers educational tours and activities.

With its stunning location, excellent facilities, and range of activities, Tartaruga Camping is a top choice for a memorable beachside camping experience in Greece.


From the vineyards of Tuscany to the beaches of Zakynthos, Europe’s camping sites offer a diverse range of experiences for all types of travelers.

So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable camping adventure across the continent.