About Us

Welcome to ThePurplePassport, your ultimate guide to camping and cooking adventures!  If you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out, we’ve got the tips, recipes, and gear reviews to make your outdoor experiences unforgettable.

Meet Claire

The heart and soul behind ThePurplePassport is Claire Levine, an avid camper, culinary enthusiast, and storyteller.  Claire’s journey into the wild began as a child, when her family’s summer trips meant pitching tents under the stars and cooking meals over an open flame.

These early experiences sparked a lifelong passion for exploring nature and savoring the flavors of outdoor cooking. Claire’s expertise isn’t just born out of passion; it’s honed from years of practical experience.

She’s trekked through dense forests, navigated winding mountain trails, and set up camp in some of the most breathtaking locations.  Her love for cooking has led her to experiment with countless recipes that can be easily made in the great outdoors, transforming basic camp meals into gourmet delights.

What We Offer

Camping Tips and Tricks: From choosing the perfect campsite to packing essentials, Claire shares her wealth of knowledge to ensure your camping trips are smooth and enjoyable.

Delicious Campfire Recipes: Discover a variety of recipes that are not only easy to prepare but also incredibly delicious. Claire believes that good food is a vital part of the camping experience.

Gear Reviews and Recommendations: Claire’s in-depth reviews and recommendations help you select the best gear for your adventures, ensuring safety and comfort. Adventure

Stories and Inspiration: Get inspired by Claire’s personal stories and the tales of fellow campers. Each narrative is designed to ignite your wanderlust and encourage you to embark on your own adventures.

Our Mission

At ThePurplePassport, we believe that camping and cooking are the way of life. Our mission is to inspire and equip you to embrace the great outdoors, create memorable experiences, and enjoy delicious meals along the way. Join us as we explore new trails, discover hidden gems, and cook up a storm under the stars.