10 Best Spots for Remote Camping in Maine

Camping out in the wilderness of Maine brings a wonderful escape from everyday life. This state is filled with remote places perfect for those wanting to get away from everything for a spell. The landscapes of Maine are varied, with thick forests and peaceful coastal areas.

When planning your journey, knowing the best places makes all the difference. You want to find the just right spot for what you’re seeking, whether peace and quiet or exploring nature’s splendors. Get ready to explore Maine’s beauties and make memories to last a lifetime.

1. Hermit Island Campground, Phippsburg

Hermit Island Campground, Phippsburg

Hermit Island Campground in Phippsburg stands out as a premier spot for remote camping. The campground spans half an island with 271 sites, primarily for small pop-up campers. The natural beauty here is simply breathtaking. Coastal views and rugged shorelines offer a picturesque setting for your camping adventure.

This campground keeps it simple with basic amenities. You won’t find flashy facilities, but you will find peace and quiet. It’s an ideal place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. The island’s hiking trails provide plenty of opportunities to explore. Each trail offers a chance to see diverse wildlife and enjoy stunning vistas.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore. The smell of salt in the air and the sight of the sunrise over the water create a perfect start to your day. Spend your time relaxing on the quiet beaches or hiking through the island’s trails.

Evenings at Hermit Island are magical. As the sun sets, the sky fills with vibrant colors. Gather around a campfire, share stories, and enjoy the simplicity of nature. The night sky, clear and full of stars, offers a beautiful end to your day.

2. Duck Harbor Campground, Isle Au Haut

Duck Harbor Campground, Isle Au Haut

Duck Harbor Campground on Isle Au Haut offers a truly secluded camping experience. Accessible only by boat, this remote spot ensures an escape from the usual crowds. With only five campsites, it guarantees privacy and peace.

The island itself is part of Acadia National Park, known for its rugged beauty. Each campsite comes with a lean-to shelter, picnic table, and fire ring. There are no modern amenities here, which means you need to bring everything you need, including water.

The views are spectacular. Rocky shorelines, dense forests, and open meadows create a diverse and stunning landscape. The quiet environment allows for a deep connection with nature. Wildlife is abundant, with opportunities to see various birds and other animals.

Daytime activities include hiking and exploring the island’s trails. One popular trail leads to Duck Harbor Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Kayaking and swimming are also great options for those who love water activities.

3. Lobster Buoy Campsites, South Thomaston

Lobster Buoy Campsites, South Thomaston

Lobster Buoy Campsites in South Thomaston offer a unique coastal camping experience. Nestled along the shores of Penobscot Bay, this campground provides stunning ocean views and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s a great choice for those looking to camp near the water while still enjoying a sense of seclusion.

The campground features a variety of sites, including oceanfront spots where you can wake up to the sound of waves. Basic amenities are available, including restrooms and showers, ensuring a comfortable stay without detracting from the natural surroundings. The simplicity of the facilities helps maintain the rustic charm of the area.

Activities abound at Lobster Buoy Campsites. Spend your days exploring the rocky coastline, collecting seashells, or simply relaxing on the beach. Kayaking and canoeing are popular here, offering a chance to explore the bay and its marine life up close. Fishing enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to cast a line and enjoy the serene setting.

4. Ripogenus Lake Campsites

Ripogenus Lake Campsites

The Ripogenus Lake campground sits quietly in Maine’s beautiful nature. This spot is nice for people wanting to rest away from everything in a scenic place. The large lake shines there surrounded by trees.

You can camp with some amenities or basic and close to nature. Both let you enjoy what Ripogenus offers. People fish and boat on the clear water and enjoy the woods too. Trails go through with pleasant views and maybe seeing wildlife.

Mornings start calmly with the songs of birds and breezes. The rising sun makes the water glisten bright. Spend your daytime on the lake or trails, taking in the peaceful air.

Night has a warm glow as the sun goes down. Sit by the fire and look at the bright stars above with other campers nearby.

5. Aroostook State Park

Aroostook State Park

The Aroostook State Park in northern Maine gives campers an exceptional spot away from things. Known for its pretty places and all kinds of wildlife, the park brings peace for people wanting nature.

The park has camp areas for tents, RVs in trailers, and shelter sheds in the trees. Each spot is surrounded by thick forest, giving privacy and feeling far from others. Simple bathrooms and showers let visitors stay comfy without spoiling the natural spots.

Nature lovers will find plenty to enjoy at Aroostook State Park. The wooded trails are great for walking, with views taking your breath of the areas around. A popular trail tops Quaggy Jo Mountain with a view far and wide. The park’s lakes are nice for boats like canoes, letting you see the calm waters your own way.

Fishing brings smiles too, with different kinds of fish stocked in the lakes. Spending a quiet morning with your line in the water, taking in the peaceful park airs. People who like seeing critters will see all sorts, making it grand for watching birds and catching them on camera.

6. Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort

Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort

Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in The Forks, Maine is a great spot for people who love camping in the wild mixed with outdoor adventures. This resort offers the best of both, with different places to stay and fun exciting activities while surrounded by lovely nature.

The resort has tent areas, spots for RVs, and cozy log cabins to choose from. Each spot fits nicely with the woods around, letting you feel private in nature’s beauty. Bathrooms and showers let you feel comfortable.

The most exciting part of Northern Outdoors is all the adventures you can have. The resort is famous for tackling the rough waters of Kennebec and Dead Rivers on rafts, with guides to keep everyone safe even first-timers. Boats like canoes and kayaks let you enjoy calmer waters too.

Trails through the forest have stunning sights and chances to see wildlife whether biking or walking. Trout and other fish fill the rivers and streams nearby for anglers to test their luck. Winter months let you sled behind machines on long trails the resort keeps ready.

7. Moosehead Hills Cabins

Moosehead Hills Cabins

Nights stay tranquil at Moosehead Hills Cabins near great Moosehead Lake in Greenville, surrounded by Maine’s beauty in your chosen cabin. Comfy homes give needed rests in friendly nature far from city lights.

Each maple-smelling cabin holds all required like kitchens doing meals, bathrooms keeping clean, and beds soft for sleeping – all making your time easy and enjoyable without losing the forest peace. Cabins spaced with distance ensure solitude, nestled cozy in the tall pines and oaks.

Moosehead Lake just a brief walk provides adventures galore. Clear broad waters are magical places for canoes and small boats fishing the different fish within. Summer swims leave you feeling fresh, mountains framing the lake in a grand painting.

Trails through hills and valleys open views wonderful and chances to see woodland kin. A favored path brings hikers high to Mount Kineo’s peak with a whole vista of forests and waters below stretching far. Or discover quiet hidden places on the lake exploring gentle shores and inlets at your own pace.

8. Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park, found in central north Maine, is a prime spot for camping off in the wild. Known for its rugged nature and stunning natural beauty, the park gives different camping plans for guests wanting deep forests.

Many spots to pitch your shelter throughout the park from simple trail shelters to areas with partial aid yet still keep close to nature. Each place gives solitude and ties to the outdoors. No modern conveniences as power or running water enhance the far from town feel.

Mount Katahdin, Maine’s tallest peak, stands tall in Baxter Park. Climbing brings rewarding sights of the vast wilderness around. Trails crisscross for walkers of all types, winding tranquil forest paths through tall woods and rocky valleys.

Lakes and flowing streams hold clear pure waters and trout. Anglers get fine chances for a catch in the pleasant waters. Canoes or small boats let you quietly explore the lands and waters around at your ease.

9. Acadia National Park, Blackwoods Campground

Acadia National Park, Blackwoods Campground

Tucked within thick tranquil woods, this place gives peaceful serene views whether in tents or small trailers. Simple facilities like bathrooms and water keep campers comfortable.

Blackwoods suit well those desiring to discover Acadia’s natural splendors. Various walking paths please hikers of every skill, like the Ocean Path hugging the coast with stunning Atlantic Ocean scenes. Braver walkers can tackle Precipice Trail’s iron rungs and ladders for remarkable sights.

The nearby coast invites small boats, with rocky shores and hidden coves there for exploring at your own pace. Fishing also brings smiles as several fish species fill the park’s lakes and ponds, a pleasant pastime underneath towering pines by slow-moving waters.

10. Sebago Lake State Park

Sebago Lake State Park

The park features a variety of campsites, including options for tents and RVs. Each site is surrounded by a forest, providing privacy and a sense of seclusion. Basic amenities, such as restrooms and showers, are available, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Sebago Lake is the main attraction. The clear, expansive waters are ideal for swimming, boating, and fishing. Canoeing and kayaking are popular, allowing you to explore the lake and its scenic surroundings. The park also has several sandy beaches perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.

Hiking trails around the lake offer beautiful views and opportunities to see local wildlife. The trails range from easy walks to more challenging hikes, perfect for all levels of hikers. The park’s landscape includes forests, wetlands, and shoreline, providing a rich environment for exploration.

Last Words

Maine offers some of the most beautiful and remote camping experiences in the country. Each spot, from the coastal charm of Hermit Island Campground to the rugged wilderness of Baxter State Park, provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from daily life and reconnect with nature.